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Every swimmer's journey is different, that's why our proven curriculum is based on progress. We start all of our students with a trial to assess their current skill level and place them appropriately so they are only learning new skills.


Parent & Tot (2 months)

    Parent and Baby classes are an INTERACTIVE and ENGAGING lesson for both you and your little swimmers. At Aquafin, we have three different Baby Classes based on age as you start your swim journey and make milestones TOGETHER!

 Parent and Infant: 2-8months
Parent and Tot: 9-19months
Flipper Transition: 20-36months

** All parent and baby classes are based on age for safety and development purposes **


Level 1 (3 years)


The goal of Level 1 is to get the swimmers comfortable with the water, and safer while in it. We practice blowing bubbles, and working up to putting their whole face in as well as willing to jump to the instructor while going underwater independently.


  • Water Introduction (Getting comfortable in and around water)

  • Pool Safety! - holding pool edge, climbing out of pool

  • Starfish Assisted Floating

  • Learning Big Kicks

  • Assisted Underwaters

  • Unassisted Underwaters



Level 2

Within Level 2, swimmers are working on kicking independently keeping their bodies on top of the water in streamline position. They will work on blowing bubbles while kicking with straight legs and pointed toes.


  • Bubbles

  • Starfish Floating with Assisted Rolling over

  • Pool Safety! - Jumping in and swimming back into steps

  • Kicking with equipment

  • Independent Kicking 

  • Independent Rocketship Streamline



Level 3

The goal of this level is to start the introduction to Freestyle, practicing safety, and working on independent swimming. At this level swimmers learn how to do big arms circles, as well as learning how to breath to the side during their big arms.


  • Unassisted Floating and Rolling 

  • Independent Kicking 

  • Pool Safety! - Octopus Arms

  • Catch Up Big Arm Circles Drill 

  • Independent Freestyle Big Arms



Level 4

At this level swimmers will be confident floating and practicing their swim to a float for safety. The goal of this level is to get our swimmers completing a full pool length of Freestyle with side breathing. 


  • Swim to a Foat

  • Introduction to side kicking 

  • Kicking on the Side w body rotation

  • Catch Up Drill w/Side Breathing

  • Unassisted Freestyle breathing to the side



Level 5

The goal of this level is to perfect their freestyle technique, while gaining strength and endurance to swim longer distances. The primary time should be spent on freestyle drills and independent freestyle swimming.


  • Flutter Kicking in Streamline

  • Unassisted Side Kicking

  • Freestyle Drills - 4 Second Kick Switch, Single Arm, Focus Breathing

  • Unassisted Freestyle, full pool length

  • Introduction to backstroke


Level 6

The goal of this level is to learn all 4 of the competitive strokes with proper technique.(Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly) As well as build strength and endurance for swimming longer distances down and back in the pool. 


  • Backstroke Drills - Back Kicking w/Rotation, Single Arm, 6 Kick Switch, Double Arm

  • Full Backstroke Swim

  • Butterfly Drills - Dolphin Kick, Single Arm, 2,2,2 Drill

  • Full Butterfly Swim

  • Breaststroke Drills - Kick, Double Kick Swim, Breaststroke+3

  • Full Breaststroke Swim



Level 7


The goal of this level is to gain swimmer endurance, and refine their butterfly and breaststroke skills. As well as learn how to do a few basic swim team skills, like sculling, IM order, and open turns.


  • Stroke Development

  • Underwater Competition Pull Outs

  • IM Order



Level 8

Private lessons for high skilled upper level swimmers. These swimmers need to be personally evaluated Regional Director.

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