AQUAfin Policies

Every member at AQUAfin signs these policies
once they enroll into swim lessons

Monthly tuition is automatically billed on the 1st of every month. To keep an account active, members must
have a card on file. Past due accounts will have until the 7th of each month to be settled before a late fee of
$25 for each active swimmer will be applied. Past due accounts not paid by the 10th will be automatically
moved to inactive enrollment status and may be sent to collections.

Your account will be automatically billed a $35 fee every 12 months for each active swimmer. Annual
registration is non-refundable.

• Members MUST give 30 days’ notice by using the drop form. The drop form can only be submitted on our website at aquafinswimschool.com/drop-form.
• Our swim school does NOT accept drop requests via email, phone call or by telling a staff member.
• Please note: You are responsible for tuition payment whether or not your student/s attends class, until the time you notify us using our drop form on our website.

Each member gets one make-up class per month per enrollment. We ask members to give us 24-hour
advance notice to reschedule a class so we can accommodate all of our members. For emergency makeup,
each member gets one make up lesson per calendar year without 24 hour notice. Additional tokens can be
issued if your swimmer misses more than one class due to illness or injury. Issuance of these tokens requires
a doctor’s note specifying the dates your swimmer was unable to swim.
• 1 makeup per month with 24 hours notice
• 1 makeup per year without 24 hours notice – Emergency Makeup
• Makeups can be scheduled ONLY after missing the original class.
• Once you schedule a make up it cannot be rescheduled.
• Make up tokens expire 30 days from date it was issued

Package totals must be paid in full at the time of purchase for 3, 6 or 12 consecutive months. Each package purchased is per one  swimmer and can not be split between multiple swimmers. Packages are non-refundable.
• Packages automatically transition to monthly tuition payments at the end of the package period. Your
membership does NOT end unless a 30 day notice is given via our Online Drop Form.

To ensure a FINtastic experience for everyone, we require that our members check in at least 10 minutes
prior to their lesson start time. Arriving less than 10 minutes prior to a lesson start time may cause your
swimmer to not get in the pool on time, miss out on valuable learning and be disruptive to the class.

Each AQUAfin member receives 4 lessons per month (one per week) per enrollment. Accordingly, if there
are 5 weeks in a specific month, there will not be lessons during that 5th week. Please check our AQUAfin
calendar and be aware of the 5th week days each month.

Any swimmers under 3 years old or swimmers who are not potty trained MUST wear 2 layers of diapers in
the pool. The first layer MUST be a disposable swim diaper and the second layer MUST be a non-disposable
swim diaper. IF you do not have 2 layers of diapers, our manager or instructor will ask you to not participate
and will reschedule you for a makeup. BOTH diapers must fit snugly around the legs and waist.
** BE AWARE – Failure to adhere to this policy in case of a “code-brown” accident will result in a
$300 fine as we will need to shut the pool down.**

Does your swimmer(s) have any Allergies, Medical Conditions or Alerts?

If so, please elaborate and let us know how to best proceed if a situation occurs:

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