More than “just” swimming...

At AQUAfin Swim School you buy more than “just” swim lessons. You buy weeks, months, and years of learning, progressing and learning from each step and decision we took.

One of our business mantras is “Perfection is limitless.” We believe in chasing our better selves each day. It takes passion and determination to continue bettering our craft of giving you the BEST swim lesson EXPERIENCE possible. 

Our mission is to build a community and educate swim safety through a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE.
We see each of our members as our
AQUAfin FAMILY #saferswim 

At AQUAfin you don’t “just” buy swimming lessons. You buy a piece of our heart, a piece of our soul, and a piece of our lives.

Mission Statement

To share our knowledge and passion for swimming, by emphasizing on safety and fun
through the PROCESS with a goal of providing a WOW EXPERIENCE to all of our members.

Company Culture

At AQUAfin, we strive to give the BEST of swimming to each of our members, Everyone matters!

We are constantly building the BEST staff and investing in our people. Part of the AQUAfin experience, we want to deliver MORE than “just” swimming to our community.

At AQUAfin , we want to give our members a feeling of fun & challenging swim culture. We want our members to feel as they are part of something special and unique.

We always aim to show “I’m on it!” with our goals and priorities. Our passion is in the pool and we want each one of our members to be #AQUAambassador

Aquafin Swin School | Swim Lessons Jacksonville Florida

Common Questions

You can give us a call at: (904) 775-9400

Or email us:

Feel free to VISIT US at our facilities and talk in person with our front desk staff. See our locations and don’t feel too shy to stop by

We are HONEST and not in the business of selling you dreams… There is no possible answer to this question!

Learning to swim is a PROCESS. How you react and adapt to this process is as individual as we all are. There are numerous factors involved, such as previous experience, learning style, age, physical ability, dedication to your goal, training at home, etc.

The other thing that makes this question impossible to answer is that everyone has a different starting and ending point (the skills you begin with and ultimately achieve). 

If you are looking for a way to boost the effectiveness of your/your swimmer’s lessons, you can consider adding on additional lessons (multiple days per week) or trying private lessons. Practice makes perfect. The frequency at which a swimmer practices DOES make a difference, and individual attention from the coach can identify corrections needed to improve a swimmer’s technique. 

Whoever you are, and whatever your skills are, we have coaches suited for your needs and will do our best to help you reach your goals.

YES! Contact us by phone or email, or talk to our front desk staff to change the date or time of your classes. We have hundreds of classes and will find something that will fit your new schedule 🙂 

Group lessons

$90 Per month

4 lessons per month, once a week for 30 minutes

Private lessons

$215 per month 

4 lessons per month, once a week for 30 minutes

Annual Registration Fee = $35 

*This fee is charged every 12 months 

See more information about out program tuition

We are open 7 days a week 

Weekday Mornings: Tuesday & Wednesday – 10:00am to 1:00pm

Weekday Afternoons: Monday – Friday 1:00pm to 8:00pm

Weekends: Saturday & Sunday – 8:00am to 6:00pm 

Aquafin Swin School | Swim Lessons Jacksonville Florida